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Peace of mind is the new luxury

It took me a long time to decide what new direction I wanted to take with YY. I’ve been designing handbags for 8 years and it was not easy to get out of my comfort zone.
The idea to create cashmere knitwear was born from the need to design pieces I could identify with that expressed their quality and formed part of my everyday life. A sweater, beanie, traveling blanket, and dog sweater; the protagonists of the collection. The idea to create the blanket came from a habit I have had for many years. I am always cold and like to bring it with me everywhere.
I have always loved cashmere sweaters; they are cozy and warm, they are a quick outfit solution, and elevate my look even when pairing them with jeans. I like the 100% cashmere material; it is soft to touch, is simple yet high quality, all characteristics with which I identify.
This capsule collection includes two different models. The Boxy Sweater, made in bright colors, and another more classic model made in basic colors and featuring the YY logo-mania print.
The beanies are a must-have for those of us who live in places that have the 4 seasons. They feature a classic design and are available in various color shades.
Each piece is meticulously planned and chosen with a reason for being and a passion for quality and longevity. We believe that sustainability begins with the ethical creation of an article that is made for a lifetime of use.
This project means a lot to me, it is a step forward to achieving my dream to convert YLIANA YEPEZ into a lifestyle brand.
Until next time!
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