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YLIANA YEPEZ yy boxy sweater

Celebrating the First Year with A New Capsule Collection

September of 2021 marked the beginning of a new project— the knitwear YY Lifestyle. A necessity had been born to design products different from handbags that made sense to my clients and me during this new and dynamic stage in my life. Products I could wholesomely identify with being used in everyday life, based on practicality, and high quality.

YLIANA YEPEZ YY boxy sweater
We have had a magnificent first year and are celebrating it by launching the second collection of YY Lifestyle.

The offering includes our client’s favorite “Boxy Sweater,” made from 100% cashmere in various colors.

YLIANA YEPEZ yy boxy sweater
This is a very special sweater, precisely designed with fitted details to ensure and create the original and unique silhouette which characterizes it.

It is a comfortable and soft-to-touch sweater that will elevate any look, either dressier or more casual, on the daily. It is easy to use, adjusts to all body types, is loose, and is made from the best quality.
YLIANA YEPEZ YY boxy sweater
It is produced through high standards and verifications that guarantee the quality of the knitwear and the protection of the environment, creating a conscious impact.

I 100% recommend it.
Until next time!
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