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In times as complex as the ones we’re living through, where immediacy is seen as preferable to hard work, it can be easy to lose sight of the joys that come from creating.
With this in mind, in anticipation of the anniversary of the iconic MINI GIOVANNA bag, YLIANA YEPEZ sent a call out to creative and artistic types everywhere to participate in a #yychallenge, with the goal of designing their own version of the #yyminigiovanna.
YLIANA YEPEZ challenge 
Each participant had 15 days to create and send in their design, and in the end, over 300 entries were submitted.
In addition, we invited a select group of artists, illustrators, designers and fashion personalities to participate—their designs are currently on display at
Four finalists were selected by our panel of judges: Claudia Cándano, Editor-in-Chief of ELLE México, Yliana Yépez, CEO and Creative Director, and Karen Franco, Director of Graphic Arts at YY.
Next, the four proposals were put to a public vote on our Instagram, and we’re proud to announce that the winner is: ARIANNA PISANI with his original, creative, and beautiful design: MINI GIOVANNA SKY.

Congratulations ARIANNA PISANI!

Winner of the #yychallenge

YLIANA YEPEZ Mini Giovanna YY Challenge


Mini Giovanna Sky

“My main inspiration was dreams; the connection with everything we believe impossible, the aspiration that everything we imagine we can achieve, however farfetched it may be and regardless of the circumstances. As the name says, the Mini Giovanna SKY represents the sensation of flying through the sky when we dream of something we really want. So is the color and the feathers! 💙
The main emotion I felt was hope and the illusion of creating something meaningful, that can move feelings in people who use it or see it someday.”

This novel initiative in the time of quarantine has allowed us to connect people to their inner worlds, awakening a creative spirit that is free, authentic, and unburdened by criticism.
YY celebrates all the creatives who sent in their designs and thanks all those who participated—letting their imaginations soar and sharing it with us.
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