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It’s impossible to be the same person we were after 2020 — to be the same woman, to walk the same path, and to see familiar places in the same way.

It’s impossible to not question ourselves and who we are.

The impossible has already happened.

What we saw before as far away, today we make it our reality. We've overcome fears, broken barriers, set limits, enjoyed the little things and felt the JOY OF LIFE. Today the impossible is happening!

2020 made impossibilities, possibilities. Discover the impossibles of the women who make up the #yycommunity

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Ana Cristina  |  Ana María  |  Nieves  |  Nella  |  Fer  |  Yliana
Ana Cristina Mariño
An online internship in the midst of a pandemic. Something imposible!

Ana María Simón
I am going to be in my body until the day I die

Nieves Álvarez
How my life changed in 24hrs? I use to live a life running from one place to another without giving myself the time to look inward and ask myself if I was truly feeling fulfilled.

Why do we have to wait for the right moment to act?
Fer Medina
I suffered from the fear of missing out. Never in my wildest dreams I imagined not being able to travel.

Yliana Yépez
I am a control freak, I refuse to close down #yyhandbags

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