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A Valentine's Day of Supportive Love with YLIANA YEPEZ and "Breast Aid"

This Valentine's Day, YLIANA YEPEZ joins forces with the noble cause of "SenosAyuda" to celebrate love that goes beyond romantic relationships. We are inspired by the power of supportive love, the kind that drives us to do good for others. That's why, this year, we've decided to focus our Valentine's Day on supporting others.

"Healing Love" Campaign: Luxury Bags with Purpose

Our "Healing Love" campaign goes beyond hearts and flowers. Every purchase from our exclusive collection of luxury bags and soft cashmere pieces will directly contribute to "SenosAyuda", an organization committed to battling breast cancer and supporting women facing it.

How to Participate and Make a Difference

Explore Our Special Collection:

Discover our exclusive collection of carefully designed luxury bags and cashmere pieces. Each item is more than a work of art; it's a statement to show support.

Make Your Purchase with Purpose:

For every purchase made during the campaign, we will allocate a 30% to "Breast Aid." Contribute to the cause while enjoying the elegance and quality of our products.

Mini Eugenia


Medium Francesca


Fabiana Plus

Logomania Sweater


Boxy Sweater

Gamma Sweater


Mini Sarah

Mini Giovanna

The Power of Supportive Love

Join us in this "Healing Love" campaign and let's celebrate a Valentine's Day in which we can enjoy beautiful craftsmanship and also contribute to the wellbeing of another. Thank you for being part of this initiative.

With love,


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