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YY's 5 secrets to breaking a Creative Block



All artists have, at some point, gone through this terrible stage known as the creative block. It doesn't take much for it to happen, and unfortunately years of experience don't make us immune, either. With more than 20 years in the fashion industry, Yliana Yepez has developed her own methods, to deal with these events, and we think they could help you:
1. Give time to all areas of your life and get organized. Even coffee/tea breaks should be there, ready so you can forget about the rest of the world. It's your moment, give it the necessary space.
2. Be constant: your projects need you to believe in them, to dedicate time and effort to make them come true. There is always a first time for each project, perhaps it is not born perfect, but it becomes perfectible.
3. Give yourself deadlines and stick to them. Structure is your best friend: set your ultimate goal, and before obsessing over it, set short goals. Focus on each of those tasks that require your attention to be able to materialize your idea.
4. Find your personal center: take your pet for a walk, exercise, go for a snack, put together a playlist ... Compulsive obsession ends up wearing us down, so you have to recognize when you need a recharge of positive energies.
5. Have fun! Remember that you started this project for something, right? Sometimes stress gets the better of us and we lose connection with the love we feel for what we do.

Although there are extremely complicated situations, each of them represents an
opportunity to show ourselves that we can achieve great things. A creative block is a reality, it happens when we least expect it, but instead of denying it, let's learn to work with it!

Until next time!
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