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YY Detox
Welcome to all of the brave souls who are following us during the next week of our #YYDetox.
Yliana Yepez
Our goal is to ultimately take care of our bodies while eating healthy, moving our bodies, and remembering to have fun!!
YY Detox
Here are some tips that I will leave with you to continue to help you during this process.
YY Detox
Remember to move for at least an hour every day! Any type of movement counts just get the body moving for ultimate results.
YY Detox
Fighting the 5 pm cravings. Always keep a handful of almonds, dried fruit, or any other nuts on hand to prevent you from snacking on unnecessary foods. If you are at home feel free to snack on a protein shake or a green juice as well.
Need to curb a sugar craving… after dinner, a square of dark chocolate can suffice those needs. Make sure it's 70% cacao for ultimate results.
YY detox
Any other questions feel free to DM us @ylianayepez and @fitchefstudio and follow for more tips and tricks to help you during the next week.
Until next time!
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