Walking on the Red Carpet

Walking on the Red Carpet

#YYview on designing for a celebrity

When I design for the red carpet, I definitely have to think beyond just the bag. I take into consideration the types of celebrities that will wear them, the events that they are going to and what type of bag is appropriate for that..


As any other woman, when it comes to going out, the hair comes first, then the makeup, the wardrobe, the accessories and as you are walking out the door, the bag!  



That is why I’m usually hanging at the edge of my seat when I know a celebrity may be using one of my pieces for a red-carpet event because they aren’t guaranteed to wear it. A celebrity can always go on the red carpet without a bag but they can’t go on there without a dress!


Lady Gaga

Hillary Swank


Isabel Preysler

As crazy as it sounds, I like to think of YY Minaudieres as a jewel: a splendid accessory to complement the dress, which at the same time makes its own statement.  



Blanca Suarez, Foto por Sergio González Valero para Yodona


Nieves Alvarez



Paula Echevarria

It’s no wonder that, contrary of the rest of the collections, it can sometimes take between 6 months and a year to go from an idea on paper to inception of a sample.  Yes, you read right! 


I specifically remember one time a stylist called us requesting a custom minaudiere for an award ceremony happening the next night in a city across the country. I wish it were that easy. As much as I want to please my clients, at YY our mantra is that quality comes first so we’ve learned that it’s ok to turn down opportunities because there is no way to create an immaculate evening bag overnight!


As you can see, luck plays a big role when it comes to getting in the hand of a celebrity. I always feel so grateful and beyond excited when I see that they chose one of my babies for a big event!


From left to right: 

Daphne Groeneveld, Natasha Poly, Lupita Nyong’o, Nikki Reed, Peyton List, Nieves Alvarez


Funny story about that, one time I designed a spectacular custom clutch for a celebrity. She loved it and 100% confirmed she’ll wear it… but surprise surprise, when we saw the photos from the red carpet, there was no bag! We came to find out that the celebrity had stumbled in her dress getting out of the car and the bag fell only to become un-wearable on the red carpet. Remember Mr.  Murphy? Things like that are bound to happen sometimes, we are all human! However, when I do finally see the picture of the finished product on the red carpet, I feel like my mission is accomplished!

I have to admit that seeing celebrities wear YY minaudieres has been one of the really fun parts about designing. But even better has been becoming great friends with many of them. It makes the whole thing more personal and even puts a little bit more pressure on me to design something that I think they’d like. 



Nieves Alvarez

Now you can be hang on the edge of your seat with us! As a way to celebrate the international celebrities that are spotted wearing YY designs, we started a hashtag called #YYCelebrities on Instagram and Facebook. Do you have a favorite #YYcelebrity look? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you. Stay tuned on our social media channels to see which celebrity will wear YY next! We can hardly wait…

*All Photos Courtesy of Kathy Boos and Getty Images


Until Next Time!

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