Spring is in the air…

Spring is in the air…

#YYview: the born of a new collection

How do you describe the feeling of summer? Is it the bouncing of a beach ball? Singing your favorite song with all the windows down in your car as the warm breeze brushes your hair? Or maybe the sound of your body rubbing against a big inflatable flamingo while relaxing mind-blind in a swimming pool?


Photo courtesy of Kathy Boos

At the end of a long winter (always too long and too gray for my taste) a funny, small, yellow figure, too well known in my childhood, grabbed my attention. You guessed right: the rubber duck!


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

Suddenly, it felt as if the temperature in the room got to 80 degrees. Glamorous imagery of Slim Aarons’ idyllic poolside lifestyle photography struck my imagination; black and white striped cabanas from the art deco hotels; flamboyantly colorful interiors by Dorothy Draper; and the overall opulence of the 50s. This inspiration even led to the creation of a new silhouette: the YY Alessandra...


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

My enthusiasm for the splendorous poolside parties of that era was at an all-time high. However, big inflates in the shape of swans, flamingos, beach balls, and of course, rubber ducks, were floating around in my mind, demanding not to be forgotten. After all, they are the “21 century stars” of the today’s pool parties.


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

I deeply knew that I wanted the duck and the beach ball to play a role in this collection. I felt that they lend themselves to the pop art tendencies of the modern era seen in our texts, music and art. But a rubber duck and a beach ball with a Pool Party side


Photo courtesy of Kathy Boos

That day my winter blues began to fade and YY Pool Party S/S 2017 was born! The glamour of the 1950’s Hollywood and the playful poolside spirit of a modern day Palm Springs shaped a very refreshing and vibrant collection. Sketches of the new YY Mini Giovanna, YY Rio and YY Stella began illuminating my office, and two new models, YY Kiara and YY Alessandra, came alive.


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

YY Pool Party is probably the most fun you’ve ever had front row at your favorite pop singer’s concert, embodied in a bag... Can’t wait for you to see the whole collection!


Photo courtesy of Maria Elena Valdés

 On our next blog, get a splash of what’s happening when editors, bloggers and fashionistas meet YY Pool party!

Until Next Time!

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