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Quiz: What YLIANA YEPEZ bag goes best with my wardrobe?

YY offers a wide variety of handbags , with incredible designs, colors, and textures that we all want. But the question remains, which bag fits me best?
Take this quiz and find out!
What do you look for in your day to day style?

A) Elegance
B) Natural feel and comfort
C) Standing out
D) Going against the grain
E) Sportiness
What colors dominate your closet?

A) Moderate colors like white, offwhite, burgundy, navy, and camel
B) Neutral colors like off white, camel, and black
C) Every kind of color, especially ones that pop
D) Only black
E) White, black, camel, silver, and bronze colors that go with everything

My favorite prints are:

A) I don’t like prints, flat colors are better
B) Monochromatic prints, preferably minimalist ones
C) Prints that catch the eye
D) Plaids, stars, and studs
E) Quilts, logos, and embroidery

If you had to pick a place to go, where would it be

A) An important event where you need to look chic
B) A day out in the country or a park
C) A themed party, lunch with friends, a dinner where you want to be noticed
D) A concert, Coachella
E) Sightseeing, going for a walk, running errands

The majority of your bags are:

A) Simple but elegant
B) Spacious, with room for the things I need
C) Striking, trendy, with a wow factor
D) Complementary to my look, different and nonconforming
E) Comfortable and easy to carry

Mostly A
If you answered mostly this option, you tend to go for elegant and minimalist looks. Your ideal style is the Braided and your ideal model is the Mini Giovanna, Fabiana, or Mini Eugenia. These are bags that will never go out of style, that can adapt to a modest look—relaxed but sophisticated.
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Mostly B
If your choices were mostly B, it’s because you tend to like styles that are practical and comfortable. Your ideal bag is one that you can use to carry everything like the Sarah Tote or the Clara model. These bags are perfect for outfits that you use every single day: relaxed, comfortable, and casual.
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Mostly C
If you chose mostly C, it means that your style is attention-grabbing and different. That’s why your ideal option is a bag from the Cuzco, Ducky, or Neon collections. You love intense colors and textures and draw attention. You love to wear finishes and accessories that are rare and unique.
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Mostly D
If most of you answers were D your ideal bag is the Isabella YY with studs or something from the the Dream collection in either the Mini Eugenia or Mini Giovanna model. Your style is edgy and counterculture and you love chic hippie prints.

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Mostly E
If you mostly answered E, it means that your style is predominantly sporty, which means that your ideal bag is the Isabella in any of its iterations. It’s perfect for you to take anywhere without carrying too much. With its unique quilted pattern, it’s a perfect complement to your look.
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collaboration: @romaveguerri
Until next time!
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