Olé Olé and Olé!

Olé Olé and Olé!

#YYview on La Feria de Sevilla 

Spain has never failed to surprise me with its’ beauty, this time it was with the Feria de Sevilla. For so many years I’ve heard about its spectacular scenery, but wasn’t prepared for such a magnificent event.


And I don’t even think I should call it an event. I felt like I was back in time, immersed in pure culture and tradition. Almost like a religion. 


The first thing I saw were endless rows of striped tents called casetas. They come in different sizes and are decorated according to individual taste. The owners are usually prominent families of Sevilla, dating back to the first Feria in 1847, or groups of friends.


For seven days in a row, each caseta held its own party. Most of them private and by invitation only.


I can’t thank my local hosts, Joca, Silvia and her husband Borja, enough for such a great invitation (not to mention the surprise welcome kit that included a cordobés hat from Fernández y Roche and my flower by Rocío Peralta).  


Photo courtesy of Juan Delgado


Photo courtesy of Juan Delgado


They really made this experience unforgettable. It was a 24/7 party where we danced sevillanas, drank at an open bar and ate tapas for a whole week! (The Iberico croquetas from Joca's tent were definitely worth the extra calories!)It was truly the essence of the Spanish hospitality… 


If I thought the ambiance of the casetas was amazing, my breath was taken away by everybody’s attire: thousands of women from different generations, dressed up in colorful flamenco dresses, with a peineta and a big flower in their hair (placed perfectly). 


All men sported a suit and tie with a hat called a cordobés. I would have liked to wear one of the fabulous dresses and shawls by Rocío Peralta (definitely a must-have for la Feria de Sevilla next year). But no complains! I felt very proud of my Sevilla-inspired outfit: MILLY striped skirt, earrings by Vivian Guenoun and Mini Mila bag from my latest collection Pool Party matching perfectly with the hat and the flower…



For me the cherry on top was that cars are prohibited inside the feria, try telling a New Yorker that! From around midday until early evening, people paraded around the fairground in carriages or on horseback, transforming the streets into an infinite palette of vibrant colors. 


Back to tradition and religion, leaving this incredible experience wouldn’t be complete without visiting la Basílica de la Macarena (and bringing home a blessed image of the Virgin). The architecture was just as stunning as the sights of the feria.


Coincidentally, my last post was about inspiration, and in Sevilla I got plenty of it! If you are seeking for the real meaning of the word tradition you should visit La Feria at least once in your life… better twice!  

Until Next Time!

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