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My Plan D... maybe E and counting...

My Plan D... maybe E and counting...


Some say that writing calms the soul, and I wonder if that can be true…What we are living, we can see it yet we still can’t believe it. The whole planet inside their homes, millions without a employment, hundreds of thousands in mourning, and without the comfort of being able to receive a kiss or a hug. It is like living in a pause state and desolation, which makes me think that at any moment it will pass but I wake up and it doesn’t, this is our NEW NORMAL. Now our feelings are hidden behind a face mask…
Every single day I go through anguish, sadness, desolation and depression yet sprinkled with flashes of energy and optimism because after a full day of  positive energy, one with sadness always follows after.
I don’t even want to design, which is the source of my life inspiration, my blessing and my inner strength that energizes me, it doesn’t cheer me up. Without a doubt it doesn’t cross my mind that at these moments we can show off a handbag on our shoulder to go from our bedroom to the kitchen! Even me these past four weeks I have been using a small bag to go to the supermarket. Is it possible that my calling now is to make bags to go to the supermarket?
Yliana New Normal
Today is one of those days that I feel optimistic. Today I tell myself, I can. I am going to focus on the good things that this quarantine has, on the nice moments that I have spent with my husband, my kids and my dog, in how I have enjoyed cooking for them, doing their laundry and from sharing intense moments till playing CATAN (board game) with them.
I have made a list with all the goals that I want to achieve during this time of quarantine and I have made it day by day with a strong military discipline. I am going to get out of this pause very reinforced, with new ideas, with lots of read books, lots of learned audios and courses. Today more than ever my message is about STRENGTH and faith. I have the certainty that we will be in a better world, more human and with more appreciation. While we can still help each other and work together with all out hearts on the things that we like and that make sense, everything will be alright.
How to recreate myself in this new normal is a question that I have asked myself a thousand times in the last three weeks. The answer is always the same: I still have to continue to be faithful to myself and continue doing what I like the most, what makes me happy. Designing and making beautiful quality pieces next to my team, my factories (actually located on locations with the highest rate of infection: Italy, Spain, and New York) and professional craftsman with years of experience.
There is a lot of people involved in making a #YYhandbag, each one us helps from the moment when an idea is born and until it is located on display on a window of a store… How to leave that aside? How to close years of hard work, perseverance and love?
YLIANA YEPEZ has many interesting projects during this season and I want to share the work and the effort with all of you of a wonderful team that I work with, the one that supports my crazy ideas, the one that applauds and also criticizes me when they are not ok with them.
During the following days I will share with you through my social media a beautiful material of how SPRING-SUMMER collection was made in videos and photos. I truly hope you enjoy them just like we enjoyed making it.
Sending you a huge hug, my empathy, my solidarity to those families that are going through difficult moments and I hope I can see you soon when the time is right, in the meantime we are still connected through social media.

Until Next Time!


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