My Over Saturated Life with Social Media

My Over Saturated Life with Social Media

#YYview Unplugged

Have you ever had a feeling that your life no longer belongs to you? And that we are attached to our phones 24/7?


Because I do, I get that feeling every time I wake up in the mornings! It’s pretty much become second nature to check my phone the second I wake up only to see that I already have 15 e-mails from the European time zone waiting for me in my inbox, meaning I am already running late. And that’s without even mentioning the social media notifications and my personal messages.


It’s a love hate relationship. Who is with me on this one?


I am old school and the constant connection bothers me, I love my privacy and in today’s world I feel like that has been lost. It’s almost as if we live in a small fish tank with everyone watching you, tracking you and knowing what you are doing at all times. I don’t want to be part of it but if you are not a part of it, you are missing out and potentially missing your next chance. But it has almost become unnatural with everyone feeling the need to share the moment instead of living it, so they take pictures, snap or Instagram at all times, for example in the middle of dinner!!!



But beside it all, what would I do without my phone? It’s my best friend. It goes everywhere with me, from social gatherings, to vacations and even to the doctors!

The transformation that social media has undergone is shocking because something that was supposed to be for fun has become a full time job and has detached us from the precious moments we are supposed to be enjoying.


The new generation.


I hate it so much that sometimes I want to throw my phone out the window and I’m sure many can relate!


Throwing instagram into the sea! I’m on vacation mode. Signing off.


I even have to create bags with exact measurements to fit an iPhone Plus.

 Also, the fact that technology changes so quickly doesn’t help! By the time all these new gadgets and social media apps became popular I was still trying to adapt to FB and my iPhone 7!!!


I got my iPhone 7 just last year and my son informed me that apple has already come out with an iPhone 8 and iPhone X…with no home button, wireless headphones, Face ID etc. We barely know how to use one properly and the next one is already out there. Everything is so new and quickly changing that you are not given enough time to adapt!


Iphone X and Iphone 8 

Ok, but let’s face it there are also so many good things that have come from social media and technology! Just to name a few I am able to get to know YOU, yes you, my reader thanks to social media and this blog. Also, a lot of people are able to discover my brand because of Pinterest, Facebook and the sensational “IT” app Instagram. Also, I get to know what is going on in the world thanks to the massive amount of online information. Which, if you are always on the go like I am, this is very convenient! And last but not least, I am very grateful that I can organize my entire life schedule with one device from the touch of my hand. What are your thoughts? Why do you think it’s good for you?


Always on the go!

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Until Next Time!

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