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There’s only one Mom


For as long as I’ve been a mom, the title has never felt as right as it does now, because there is nothing a mother won’t do for her kids.
YLIANA YEPEZ mothers day

I’m so thankful for the company of my own mom, now more than ever in these difficult times, as we stay connected in virtual ways. I can’t wait until she’s back in NYC and we can give each other a hug.
YLIANA YEPEZ mothers day

I’m a mom of a 13-year-old girl and a 20-year old boy (although he’s less of a boy every day!) I love them with my entire heart as well as the three gifts that life has granted me: two daughters and a son from my husband’s first marriage. When we’re all together, it’s definitely a FULL HOUSE.
YLIANA YEPEZ blog yyview family
Having kids of different ages is a challenge—the routines get crossed. While some are asleep, others want to play. While some eat, the others have to be put to bed. And when you want to rest, they want to go out. In the end though, it’s a valuable lesson in tolerance and love.
Mother’s Day is every day, but I love to celebrate our special day in a way that makes me feel like a QUEEN. It’s a day when they pamper me, let me pick where we eat, and leave me the freedom to choose to spend the day however I want, which believe me, is quite a luxury. I always celebrate Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May.
YLIANA YEPEZ mothers day
What do you all enjoy the most?

YLIANA YEPEZ mothers day

One of the most incredible aspects of being a mom is the ability to form lives. It’s such a special gift, and even just thinking about it turns us into a SUPER MOM!

As I write these lines, I’m thinking of all the SUPER moms who—from morning until night—are now experts in soccer, cooking, daycare, teaching and more. Quarantine has forced us from our comfort zones and has made us face these challenges head-on. This quality time with our kids, getting to know their virtues and their flaws, is worth its weight in gold.

If you’re a mother and you’re reading this article, you know exactly what I mean.

My kids make me laugh, they’re fun, and they fill me with life. Sometimes they drive me crazy and I want to disappear, but I wouldn’t change for the world the feeling of having them in my arms.

YLIANA YEPEZ mothers day blog

To every mother in the world, I wish you a super day and hope that we keep celebrating this beautiful feeling of shaping lives with love by being a MOM.

YLIANA YEPEZ mothers day blog

YLIANA YEPEZ mothers day blog


Until next time!
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