This week was very special, as I arrived to my office in the fashion district, opened the door and saw a bunch of boxes waiting for me! It was my newest collection IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE.

I get so excited when my new collection arrives as I get to see all my hard work in physical form.  It’s a day in the office where we dedicate to opening all the boxes, getting the pieces out and organizing everything by color and type. Checking to make sure that every bag arrives in perfect condition from the factory overseas. Once all the bags are aligned, in all the same colors they look like a bunch of treats, transforming the office into a candy store!


One of my favorite styles I created for this collection is the braided multi color as it describes perfectly the degree of colors that I would see on TV when I was a child. My favorite bags in this style are the Alessandra braided multicolor as it shows a great degree of sophistication, the mini Giovanna braided multi color, as I was able to make our emblematic handbag in a newer version, and the Francesca duffle braided multicolored as it is the perfect bag if you want to be stylish for work and need to carry a lot of things. 


Braided Multicolor Detailing 


Braided Multicolor Mini Giovanna 

Braided Multicolor Alessandra & Mini Giovanna 


Francesca Braided Multicolor 

Another style that I’m dying to start incorporating in my wardrobe is the TV printed ones, as I think the print is so modern and cool, full of different colors perfect to pair with almost anything! If you work in TV or media this is the bag for you, you will die to have it! 




TV Print 


The wallets and cardholders are also a very cool addition to our collection available in both the Impossible and TV print, perfect for you or to gift this holiday season.  


TV Print Wallet and Cardholder 


Impossible Print Wallet 


Silver Leather Lining of Impossible Print Wallet 


Impossible Print Wallet & Cardholder


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that the entire collection is now available online at or on our Instagram page @shopyourregion where you can DM us for any info or prices and we will happily help you with your order! 


I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it! 

Until Next Time!

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