Impossible is Possible


Impossible is Possible

The story behind it all for Fall/Winter 2017

Every collection I create is not done to meet deadlines, or to please others but I do them for a purpose, to express what I believe in, tell a story and share a meaning.


Impossible is possible my new collection for fall/ winter 2017, was inspired by the current disruption, changes and experimentation occurring in the world (my world), something we can all relate too. A time when the world has just made me sad and has made me adjust to the new changes occurring. Which reminds me that sometimes we take the world for granted and things that seemed impossible are becoming possible, especially when we get too comfortable with the way we live and the opportunities we have.



  •       Impossible for trump to win the elections?  Possible
  •       Impossible for a friend who could never have children become pregnant?      Possible
  •       Impossible for Maduro to make my country of Venezuela worse? Possible
  •       Impossible to be working at your dream job? Possible
  •       Impossible to have so many terrorists attacks in so little time? Possible
  •       Impossible to create a successful brand as a foreigner in the United States? Possible 

    All the communication and news being thrown at us all at once brings feelings of disruption to our lives, I decided to portray those feelings through a TV screen and how it looks when it is disrupted with no signal or communication. 


    Throughout the collection I used two prints; one of a color card inspired from when colored screens came into main stream culture and to show how they used to look when no signal was available. The other print is a striped print called The Impossible Print with the little lines that used to come up when an image was disappearing. 



    This was an Idea I thought was very cool and when combined with very wearable styles and presented as a whole concept it brought to life a collection. 


    I hope that you enjoy the collection! It will be possible for purchase on the web soon. 

    Until Next Time!

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