If I only knew…

If I only knew…

#YYview on México Diseña by Elle 

Sometimes I wonder if there is any business that has started without hardship and the learning that comes with it. It doesn’t matter if you can recite quantum theory on command or if you graduated summa cum laude in college (which I did not). Nobody prepares you for the times that your pattern maker doesn’t deliver in time for fashion week; or if he does, the moment when the carrier loses the merchandise for a trunk show in the mail; the last-minute scramble to make sure a presentation looks impeccable; and more to come probably in another blog post…


Photo courtesy of Kathy Boos

I was convinced that having gone through this for about 20 years was enough to create my eponymous line. The challenge of starting over in the culture capital of the world was appealing enough for me to jump into bigger waters. Of course, with another brand, no friend as a partner in crime, and in another country.


Photo courtesy of Kathy Boos

It was at that moment that the roller coaster began. While everybody only saw the fashionable side of being a designer in NYC, my days swung between “yes, I can; everything is going to be alright” to “what the heck am I doing!”  What a ride!  



Photos courtesy of Kathy Boos

Certainly, perseverance was key in getting me to where I am now (trust me, you learn how to live with that head rush!), but I’m sure it would have been a much easier journey if I had an experienced hand to help me go through the process; someone who passed some of his/her knowledge onto the next generation of emerging designers.


Photos courtesy of FIT

That is why I feel honored to be invited to join the 11th season of México Diseña by Elle, where young fashion designers vie for the chance to become Mexico's next big talent. During 8 weeks, 11 finalists from a total of almost 500 applicants will be competing in front of 5 judges. The show will premiere beginning on June 9th and winner will be announced in July 28th.  Among other prizes, the winner will get at internship at YLIANA YEPEZ



Photos courtesy of Lenom

Best of the luck to all the participants, can’t wait to have him or her at the office!


Until Next Time!

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