I am Venezuelan

I am Venezuelan

#YYview on Venezuela

Today is one of those days I don't feel creative enough, not to mention I’m more than anxious. 

Last week protests broke out all over Venezuela as a plea to end the dictatorship that has destroyed our country. I have never seen its people so fearless and determined. Thousands of them, young ones like my kids, seniors, men, women, Venezuelans written in capital letters, are in the streets protesting desperately for the “ongoing coup” of the government, the humanitarian crisis as a result of scarcity of food and essentials, the lack of free elections and the imprisonment of regime opposition leaders…People are starving, have no medicine, and in most cases not even hope. But this week, the Venezuelan people decided to take back the control by crying out louder than ever that: enough is enough!


Photo courtesy of Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, the most brutal repression came about. A few days ago, the government forces threw tear gas inside a clinic and also into the marches, from a helicopter, to discourage the people from using their voice. They have beaten, imprisoned and killed unarmed protesters.


Photo courtesy of Gabriel Osorio

My mother just called. She is in Venezuela. She has asked me to please bring her milk and lentils, but most urgently her prescription for her thyroid disease. She, like the rest of the people in my country, simply can’t find those fundamental items. She is afraid to go out and doesn’t know what’s going on, (the government prohibited reporting of any unfavorable news regarding the regime) because her Wi-Fi is no longer working.  She also mentioned she has been out of running water for more than 4 days.  At the end of our conversation she was desolate to say the least, but relieved that her husband, a notable general of the Venezuelan army, my dad who gave his whole life for his country, wasn’t alive to see how the regime has destroyed our nation.


Photo courtesy of Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Each of her words was a dagger to my soul. My hands are tied and I feel full of hate and despair.

I wish I could do much more. I wish I could be there feeling, first hand, that it is possible to have our country back, working together as if we were only one.

Heidy just came to my office to show me the embroidery for my new collection and I didn’t even notice. She stood there watching me read the news for about ten minutes… 

When she asked me if I’m sad my answer always is no. Any word to describe how I’m feeling right now, seems to be a massive understatement.  It’s something bigger than that; it’s a range of emotions but more than anything an indispensable need to take action.   

The way I can help most is by spreading the word to as many people as possible of what is actually happening in my country because the news just doesn’t cut it. I will continue to amplify my voice so that people can know about the injustice and violation of human rights taking place in Venezuela. I also pray that my fellow Venezuelans continue to work collectively to keep fighting for freedom because as history has showed us, freedom is never free. 


Photo instagram: @dsuhibyhd

Now it’s time to design…

Until Next Time!

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