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How the SHA changed my life!


I never thought I would be enjoy eating vegetables so much, it's totally unthinkable for someone like me that is addicted to meat, French fries and a good pasta bolognese, can be telling you this story ...
YLIANA YEPEZ Blog yyview sha
It all started with my visit to SHA WELLNESS CLINIC, located in Alicante, Spain. After an intense tour of presentations and events of YY, I ended up in this center where they specialize in teaching you how to live in a healthier way.
YLIANA YEPEZ Blog yyview sha
Who doesn’t want to feel better? Lately I have been feeling tired, my skin is no longer the same and I look in the mirror and see how the time is been doing its thing, so the idea of going to a clinic that specializes in treatments where they could help me feel better, I liked the idea!
YLIANA YEPEZ Blog yyview sha
I did not discover the cure for cancer but something that I have never taken into account is that I am the reflection of everything that I put into my mouth ... I want to tell you that it is not enough to buy so many of the miraculous creams (that really do not exist) or the little things here and there! Because everything starts with food.
YLIANA YEPEZ Blog yyview sha
The Sha uses a macrobiotic feeding method which took me a few readings to understand what it was about, what I can tell you is that the results have been fabulous, I feel much more energized, active and with a clear mind.
YLIANA YEPEZ Blog yyview sha
YLIANA YEPEZ Blog yyview sha
YLIANA YEPEZ Blog yyview sha
If I express the state of my skin (it seems that it came back from the afterlife) and the anti-cellulite treatments that I discovered, they are exceptional. I surely want to go back.
YLIANA YEPEZ Blog yyview sha
It's been 2 weeks since I left SHA center and I'm still happily eating macrobiotic, taking miso soup and becoming the queen of natural juices with vegetables. I’m going to drink wine or champagne or eat pasta Bolognese one day? Of course, in life everything must be a balance, but now I am more aware of how I want to feel and what I have to do to achieve it.
If you want to know more about Sha Wellness center, I invite you to visit their website
See you soon!
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