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Who says we only make bags?


Today, we’re sharing with you a project that I’m so excited about: The launch of our YY HOODIES capsule collection.



For a while, I’ve been thinking about potential new categories and directions that our brand can explore and today we are taking our first steps into the world of athleisure with our take on the sweatshirt, available in three colors and 4 sizes.
YLIANA YEPEZ yychallenge
It's available for purchase exclusively on our website:
YLIANA YEPEZ yychallenge
This piece—which made the jump from streetwear to high fashion—has its roots in the 1930s and is a multi-generational icon as well as a symbol of NYC, our home base.
YLIANA YEPEZ yychallenge
This idea took shape towards the end of 2019, and was solidified in recent months of quarantine by the need for a product that would support our clients at home. We wanted something would make them feel comfortable, relaxed, and at the same time a part of our community. We’re proud to have this product be made in fair-labor workshops right here in the USA and using only eco-friendly materials.
YLIANA YEPEZ yychallenge
Today we welcome it to YLIANA YEPEZ family!



Until Next Time!
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