Halloween is Creeping Up! What are you dressing up as?

Halloween is Creeping Up! What are you dressing up as?

#YYview on the Artist’s Holiday

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween as I find true excitement in dressing up and becoming whoever I want to be for the night!

Even though I celebrated it in Caracas, I began to fully embrace this holiday when I moved to New York since everyone here gets really into it. Between the elaborate decorations and Trick or Treater’s costumes that fill the sidewalks, a spooky yet creative vibe takes over Big Apple.

The anticipation of planning what I am going to transform myself into and how I am going to achieve that is very fun, because I take this very seriously and get into FULL character, doing major work behind the costume. Thanks to my incredible makeup artists @JosephCarrillo and @BrittanyWhite I have been able to achieve some incredible looks!






I mean, can’t you tell? 

It is the one night that any Fashion Girl can be EXTRA bold and throughout the years I have done just that! I love getting really creative with my costumes, some of them have been: Barbie, deadly Nurse, Maleficent, Witch, Cat women and Statue of Liberty, just to name a few. 


My partner in Crime, Michelle Smith could not escape Halloween!

There are so many memories that come with this holiday, and so many different costumes I’ve tried with my friends and family. Who can forget that night we all dressed up as Superheroes? Being Catwoman for a night made me feel invincible and even more, I had Batman by my side…Good times!


Of course, dressing up with my children and going around our neighborhood looking for treats is a must.


They grow up so fast!

When it comes to elaborate parties, one that I really enjoyed was celebrating the Spooky Night at @OmarsNYC private club. 


Stay tuned to see what I’ll be dressing up as and how I will be celebrating this year’s spooky Halloween night. I hope you enjoy my Halloween pictures and I’d love for you to share some of yours!

Until Next Time!

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