Getaway Bahamas

Getaway Bahamas


Every time I wrap up a fashion week, I always enjoy a little bit of down time to recharge my batteries. I always love traveling to places that are relatively unknown for a "detox" and this was the case with my incredible getaway vacation to Harbour Island!



My friend Guillermo Pardo always creates the most amazing plans and trips, so if you want a guaranteed incredible trip tailored to your tastes, you should absolutely reach out to him at



I can't recommend it enough; it's a beautiful island where we got around on golf carts and ate the most wonderful (and healthy!) tropical cuisines!


As you already know, I adore spending time with my family and I always try to take advantage of these little moments to share with them and really solidify our relationships.


The best part of this island is its simplicity: you don't need to bring a change of clothes! All you need is a bathing suit, sunblock, the urge to relax, and of course, your favorite #yyducky bag!



See you soon!

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