DF de Mis Amores


DF de Mis Amores

#YYview on a business trip

Now landing in Mexico City: The temperature is approximately 70 degrees and sunny with a bit of shade and the time is currently 9:00 AM Central. Between catching up with some of my dearest friends and networking, a business trip will always become a pleasure trip when DF is my destination.

Mexico City is a place where you find the warmest people on earth and the concept of food should be always referred to as manjares. Mexican women are incredibly happy and full of life. Their energy is so contagious that it can take you going on and on for hours!

This time my trip started with a warm welcoming from Alfonso, the driver who took me to The W Hotel at Polanco, my home address for the next 6 days. 


He got me there just in time to admire a splendid view from the bathroom and unpack my luggage, before my first meeting started. 


And then immediately came the second one…It wasn’t until four meetings later that my stomach started complaining.

Dulce Patria would have been my first choice for authentic Mexican food. But because I had more meetings coming up, I decided to eat light and went to Tori Tori instead: a delicious sushi place, with a modern terrace full of beautiful people. 


Between meetings and Jamaica’s teas, my next day and most exciting journey arrived. It was the day I became part of Elle México Diseña.

The place was packed. Hundreds of people walked on the Black Carpet, including myself wearing my Mini Giovanna Venezuela. 

Once inside, the stage was overwhelming. A technological ambiance leaves you speechless. 


Photo courtesy of ELLE Mexico

One by one, stylized models appeared wearing the work of each of the designers. All of the proposals were quite interesting, with the sharpest cuts to say the least. 


Photo courtesy of ELLE Mexico

I am so excited to take one of these designers under my wing and was really touched when I heard my name in the program! We are looking forward to having him or her in the office and ideating together for a future collection.  


Judges, Photo courtesy of ELLE Mexico

My next day started really early, and 2 pm arrived by surprise. Regardless of what I do for lunch or dinner though, eating a good quality breakfast is key, it really helps me have the energy to power through the day. 


 This time my go-to for that was the famous, La Lorena. It’s a cute little place that looks like it could be your grandma’s kitchen, but boy do they know how to serve an exquisite (and healthy) breakfast. I can’t stress it enough…you are what you eat! So why not eat well?


When thinking of a special healthy, dietetic and delicious menu that could keep me working for the rest of the day I ended up at Café Vida where I had the best avocado with goat cheese enchilada of my life! By the time I went to bed, I was exhausted! 


It’s hard to go to a place like Mexico, where the party never stops, for business. It almost seems like an oxymoron! However, my tip when you are on a business trip is to try not to burn yourself out too much. I try to keep the drinks down to one glass of wine at most and there is nothing like a good facemask combined with meditation to bring me back to life.   


On my last day at México City, I had the opportunity to introduce YY Pool Party Collection in TFA: a concept store at C.C. Arcos Bosques. There, Lorena and Mariana, my hostesses invited a select group of clients and friends to enjoy a fabulous afternoon. 



Photos courtesy of QUIEN

I did have a little bit of time for fun and had a really fun time with my friend Ricardo Seco at the Jumex museum party to celebrate the opening of the Andy Warhol exhibition. We had a blast and I felt so fortunate that we got to see original Warhol pieces; looking at art is one of my favorite ways to get inspired.



A trip to Mexico is never complete without a visit to my dear friends in DF. My good friend Cristina always makes sure I’m well taken care of whenever I come into town and makes the place feel like home, I couldn’t survive without her! 


When I’m on a business trip I wish I could have more time to visit new places. But this time I had to stop at La Basílica de La Guadalupe to pray for my Venezuelan brothers and sisters, who need from all of us to get its freedom back. 



Whew! That was a lot in just a few days. I always try to catch some z’s on the plane because it’s always much needed after a business trip. Before I know it, I open my eyes and hear “Welcome to New York: it’s currently 2:00 PM central and approximately 80 degrees with some sun.” Home sweet home. Time to get back to the grind! 

Adios for now Mexico lindo. We will meet again soon. 

Until Next Time!

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