Ces’t Paris!

Ces’t Paris!

#YYview says bonjour to PFW

Just as NY is the city that never sleeps, Paris is the city where less is more. A place where Haute Couture welcomes you as soon as you step on the plane for fashion week.


Photo courtesy of Morgane Lay

Unlike any other city, Paris has always been, and continues to be, a breeding ground for everything fashion. As the smell of butter from the patisseries infuses the air in the mornings, you look around and find yourself completely immersed in a culture that radiates simplicity in a glamorous and classy way.


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

Fashion editors and bloggers with paralyzing elegance strike you in nothing other than jeans and a white shirt. That is “the jean” and “the white shirt” with not one accessory more or one accessory less than what is needed.


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

The fashion shows are a work of art and the venues are magical…a fantasy truly unique to Paris. If I had to compare it to something I’d say it’s like going to the opera. It never ceases to amaze me how the fashion houses of Paris put on splendorous productions that coexist with centuries of tradition yet have great respect for the savoir-faire ingrained in the Parisian philosophy.


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

As a designer, I feel a sense of solemnity walking the cobblestone streets of Paris, knowing the years of history that surround the city in regards to fashion.


Photo courtesy of Maria Elena Valdés

It’s hard for one not to think retrospectively and remember that before you came many other designers that have also left their grain of sand in the world of la mode. For F/W 2017 I brought the impossible to Paris: “Impossible is Possible” my new collection that will be available in August, but that is another story...


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

Back to PFW, I can tell you it is never complete without a chocolate éclair, my treat of choice that always puts a sweet ending to a long, eventful, and glamorous journey.


Photo courtesy of Maria Elena Valdés

Au revoir Paris, until next season!

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