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Back to My Principles

#YYview on #tiedtogether

The simple act of washing my hands under running water, reminds me every day how fortunate I am. Also, hugging my family at home; or having medicine when I need it… Not to mention having a warm delicious supper after a long day.
Yliana Yepez handbags
Photo courtesy of Maria Elena Valdes
I’m sure this goes back to my roots, where my parents always showed us that if you are in a position to help other people, it is a basic act of humankind to reach out and lend a hand. They taught us about solidarity, but also about unity and inclusiveness. Since I grew up with these principles of helping others in need, getting involved with non-profit organizations resonates very deeply with me and has become a necessity in my life.
Far away from a political statement, I feel the world is lacking these fundamental human ethics right now. Kindness, compassion, empathy… Anybody home?
Yliana Yepez handbags
Photo courtesy of Maria Elena Valdes
That is why some of you may have seen me recently with a white bandana around my wrist and neck. This is to increase awareness about the #tiedtogether movement, started by the Business of Fashion, that is raising funds for the ACLU and UNHCR. It is a positive statement in support of humanity during a time of turmoil and fear in many nations around the world — regardless of race, sexuality, gender or religion.
Yliana Yepez handbags
Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez
 I believe with my entire heart that the world needs thoughtful actions more than ever, no matter how big or small the effort. We are all humans. We can help each other. We are infinitely stronger together rather than divided. We can make a difference. Will you?
Until Next Time!
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