Another year already?

Another year already?

#YYview on aging 

There I was in front of the mirror looking for a new wrinkle… a new grey hair… a sign that beside the beautiful flowers my husband gave me as soon as I opened my eyes to congratulate me for my birthday, I had become officially one year older. 


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

But, am I the only one that doesn’t feel the difference? I know another 365 days has gone by; I can count them by the number of collections I have launched; I see my kids have grown, but if you ask me, I still feel like I’m in my thirties…  maybe late twenties?


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

That doesn’t change the fact that whenever I see March come up on the calendar, I always get so excited!  I love to celebrate with my friends and family. I know I will get that once-a-year call from a couple of friends (my all-time friends!), and be extra pampered the whole day by my husband and kids, but then sometimes I think about the birthday logistics, the fact that most of my friends are scattered all over the world, and I end up doing nothing. However, I have had a few birthdays that are really worth remembering.


Photos courtesy of Yliana Yepez

My 40th!!!!! OMG! One of the most unforgettable big celebrations I have ever had! (After all, at that time, 40 sounded like a BIG number to me!).  I can’t remember another time when I laughed as much as I did that night; it was one for the books to say the least. We danced and laughed until the sun came up and I can tell you, in that moment, I definitely did not feel as if I were 40!


Photos courtesy of Yliana Yepez

Another really special “unique” birthday that I had, is when I went to Asia with my family. They took me out to a surprise dinner on a private kind of “luau” in the back of the hotel, that was simply magical. I had no words, and couldn’t feel more grateful for the opportunity to experience that. This was definitely a moment that I will remember forever. 


Photos courtesy of Yliana Yepez

Back to the mirror I concluded than more than a year older, I’m one more year experienced, definitely wiser. I felt so thankful for everything life has given me, but overall that I can continue to be a better person each day. I wasn’t home this year, but the people I chose to celebrate with in Madrid, people who have supported me a lot throughout my career, made me feel like I was. Special guests? Who other than the YY ducky from my latest collection YY Pool Party!


Photos courtesy of Yliana Yepez

Although many people dread being another year older, I’d like to think I’m like wine….but a Chateau Margot that is! Cheers to many more.

Until Next Time!

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