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A shoot in times of a pandemic


One of my favorite things at work is when it’s time to shoot a new collection. I have all of my ideas bouncing around and I can’t pick just ONE!
This photoshoot was very special—and stressful—because we were under a time crunch. We had to get it done in February before Paris Fashion Week, which started on February 25th.
There were increasing rumors of an imminent pandemic, but it hadn’t arrived and it wasn’t stopping us from our daily routines. We even spoke about it as if it was something that had nothing to do with us. We adjusted schedules and set up the shoot with an incredible team in Madrid, Spain.
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This collection is beautiful, with new and practical models, and it bursts with colors that looked spectacular with the outfits chosen by Sylvia, the stylist. We divided the work by color and by styles, with lilac and cream tones going first and the more striking summer colors going last.
But where are the bags, Sylvia asked, I don’t see them anywhere…
In every shoot, there’s always a moment of tension and this one was no different. That morning in Madrid, we were supposed to receive samples for the new bags that needed to be photographed. But as the day went on, we ended up getting a call that the shipment wasn't going to get there on time. We weren’t going to have any bags to shoot!
YLIANA YEPEZ ss20 campaing behind the scenes
My stomach sank and I felt a wave of stress wash over me. Irene and I looked at each other and resolved to make it work as best we could. We called around frantically trying any avenues we could think of, until we finally arranged for a few bags to arrive at 4 pm, right before the model had to leave for the airport and fly to Holland.
I always find little lessons when things don’t always go as planned, much less if they are live events with multiple factors involved. The important thing is always to stay calm and to work towards the best outcome possible.
Today, I'm thinking about how lucky we were that we didn’t expose each other to the COVID-19 virus. If we had only had known…
I want to share with you some of the behind-the-scene photos from the shoot so that you can share this experience that I’ll definitely never forget.

 YLIANA YEPEZ YYblog diaries

YLIANA YEPEZ ss20 campaing behind the scenes
YLIANA YEPEZ ss20 campaing behind the scenes
YLIANA YEPEZ ss20 campaing behind the scenes
The Team: 
Location: NAVE MARIA
Until Next Time!
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