A Dream Worth Sharing


A Dream Worth Sharing

Welcome to #YYview…

I had always dreamed that one day my name would be a part of the fashion industry whether it is I walking alongside top models on the catwalk, or sitting in the front row of the top shows during Paris Fashion Week among all greats. But who hasn’t dreamed big?


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

A few years ago, waiting to be opened on my desk, was an exquisite black square envelope with my name hand written on it. For a moment, I doubted that it was what I thought it was, but then I read it over a few times to confirm that this was really happening to me.


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

So many emotions were flying around in my head that I don’t recall if I cried or laughed, maybe both.

What I do recall is the sentiment that has been with me every time I witness a catwalk, or see a woman wearing one of my bags. I feel gratefulness but also certitude that after all of the hours and effort I’ve put in to building my brand, my vision has finally become a reality.


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

 But, what does it mean build a brand? What does it take to create a collection? What is like to be a Latin American designer emerging in NY, Paris, Madrid, and Mexico in the extremely competitive handbag market?


Photo courtesy of Kathy Boos

 No one really sees all of the time, inspiration and effort that went behind those 2 seconds captured on the red carpet of a celebrity wearing a YY minaudiere… Not to mention the years of trial and error that came before that.


Photo courtesy of Eugenia Silva

That is why I’m so excited to be welcoming you to my blog #YYview, a place where I’ll be giving you a peak into the fun side of high fashion along with the reality of it. I feel so lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to launch my own leather goods brand in the garment district of New York, and that now I’m here sharing my journey with you.


Photo courtesy of Yliana Yepez

Here is to more adventures, style and experiences!


Until Next Time!

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