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Welcome to all of the brave souls who are following us during the next week of our #YYDetox. Our goal is to ultimat...

Why did I decide to Start #YYDetox

Many of you might be wondering why and how a detox came to life within a luxury handbag company, especially this blo...

Medium Francesca braided

#YYhandbags Introducing our Medium Francesca braided. An ideal and versatile addition to your everyday outfits. G...

How to Wear our Iconic Mini Giovanna

#YYhandbags If you have followed YLIANA YEPEZ for the past few years, you know the Mini Giovanna, perhaps the most r...

YY Jewelry Travel Case

#YYhandbags Introducing our YY Mini Jewelry Travel Case. The ultimate on-the-go companion to store all your precio...

The Rise of Neon, and How to Wear it

#YYhandbags Neon—the trend that keeps on giving, and has been on the rise since last year. Pops of bright yellow, pi...

YY's 5 secrets to breaking a Creative Block

All artists have, at some point, gone through this terrible stage known as the creative block.

1 Bag = 5 Different Outfits | With Claudia Rondon

We all dream of that bag that we can wear for any occasion – day and night, casual and formal.

The 3 questions I am always asked

#YYhandbags I always get asked these three questions and today I will answer them for you What’s your utmost favorit...

How to wear | YY Hoodie

#YYhoodie A hoodie is a staple in every wardrobe no matter your style, profession, or even gender. Many may think tha...

How to wear with Lia Pellerano | Sarah Neon

Lia Pellerano, is a Dominican fashion icon. She found her passion at a very young age while watching her mother put t...

Be bold, be different

No doubt one of the most unique and bold pieces from the brand, The Maya Satchel. Is underrated for its authentic...

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YLIANA YEPEZ Isabella yy quilted

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Isabella black yy quilted crossbody


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