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The 3 questions I am always asked



I always get asked these three questions and today I will answer them for you

What’s your utmost favorite bag and why?
Definitely the Mini Giovanna, and when I don’t have it with me I always choose a bag from the braided collection because it elevates every single look I use and it makes me stand out in a crowd.
How do you combine colorful bags?
I am Latin, I love color! The bag has to be the protagonist of the look and I always choose colors that pop when I wear basics. I enjoy mixing prints with bright colors. (Red and pistacho being my top favorites)

YLIANA YEPEZ Mini Monte Carlo



Why are your bags so expensive?

Making a quality product from scratch isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of time from design to production. From its inception until  its displayed in a shop 3 months of absolute dedication have to go by. Every product is made by hand, it's unique and will make you feel exceptional.


Until next time!
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YLIANA YEPEZ pouch neon

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YLIANA YEPEZ pouch neon

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