10 Packing Tips When Traveling

10 Packing Tips When Traveling

#YYview on Packing Like a Pro 

I love traveling, exploring new places, meeting new people and getting inspired by different cultures. But one of the most annoying things about traveling, besides an airport, can be packing! Since I travel very often for work, I have become a pro when it comes to packing. And to ease the pain for you, I would love to share 10 tips on how packing can become much easier and even fun!




  1. Get organized! Ask what the plans are, so you dress for the occasion and make a check list of everything you need based on the amount of days you will be staying.
  2. Always check the weather of your destination days leading up to your trip so you are ready to dress for your environment.
  3. Take versatile clothes that can be worn in different combinations to make completely different outfits. Make sure to remember essentials like a black leather jacket or blazer, black sweater and cocktail dress.
  4. Go big on accessories- bring many and mix and match them!
  5. Be conservative with shoes, bring the most comfortable and neutral shoes you have as well as more fashionable ones like black stilettos for night outings.
  6. Plan all your outfits in advance- for each day and evening event. It's a way to dress better and take away the stress of choosing your clothes during your trip.
  7. Don’t forget to take pictures of your outfits and save them on your phone so you remember the outfit you created.
  8. Save different items for different cities: NYC- everyone wears black and is very minimalist, Paris- romantic, simple, a Celine/Helmut Lang look, Mexico or Latin America- very well done, very bright and over the top.
  9.  Always pack travel size toiletries, not only will this eliminate space but you will also never end up using the entire product (I like to take samples of products like perfume and moisturizers)
  10. 10.Last but not least, pack something you can't live without, that will make you the most comfortable and make you feel at home. In my case, I never travel without my cashmere blanket since I’m always cold on planes!


Take pictures of your outfits (or make your daughter do it) so you don’t forget!


Comfort shoes to match with all your outfits.  


Be prepared, as you never know what might come up.


Lucky me, I was prepared for this unplanned photo shoot.


Essential black sweater.


When you finish deciding what you want to take, always take one item out as you are probably over packing!


Be organized.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to my blanket that I can’t travel without, 11 years and counting!!!

Try them out and let me know what you think, enjoy your next trip!


Until Next Time!

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