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Venezuela as I Remember

Published : 08/09/2017 12:48:53

Venezuela as I Remember

#YYVIEW on Venezuelan Memories 

I haven’t really posted on my blog in a long time because I just simply haven’t been in the mood over everything that is happening in my beloved country, Venezuela.

It’s very hard to get inspired and write about Fashion, when all you see on social media and the news are images and videos of people getting killed and tortured.

But today, I finally encouraged myself to write and I decided to dedicate this post to, Venezuela as I remember. As the current situation is incomparable to what it once was, a safe, beautiful country full of opportunities, hope and young people striving to do great things.

A few of my favorite memories were going to los Roques, to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the world with clear water and white sand, have fresh fried fish and rice and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets. Going up to El Avila to enjoy the best view in the city and drink a jugo de mora (berry juice) and of course spending quality time with family and friends! 

Everything used to be so easy. The abundance of opportunities also motivated you and made you want to do great things, and I say that from experience as an entrepreneur who started from zero in Venezuela. Attending business school and living in an environment where everyone around you wanted to strive made me want to make a name for myself and do great things. I always wanted to work in fashion and create things but I had no idea what exactly I wanted to do or where I wanted to start. But once I walked into a leather factory in Caracas, Venezuela I immediately knew! 

Even though I knew NOTHING about leather I didn’t sleep for a week of how much excitement and passion I had to begin my new journey. I began researching online, at a time when the Internet wasn’t widely used or as advanced of a tool as it is now. I didn’t even have an email, that was a completely new concept and upon getting one I didn’t even have enough friends with emails to send an email to!!!

What once was just an idea became a striving business, but due to the worsening situation I had to close and leave Caracas, Venezuela to look for opportunities elsewhere.

Sitting at my desk in my new home, NYC, reminiscing on those memoires and opportunities I left nine years ago, makes me very sad, as it has become an unsafe place with an unknown future due to the dictatorship regime that is currently in power. Thinking of all my dear friends and people living there who feel trapped with no escape and are suffering everyday is indescribable. 

But I try to keep my head held high and do everything I can to support and love my country from afar, from using my platform to spread the news about Venezuela, sending donations and most recently accepting a Venezuelan intern who wants to learn, improve and create opportunities for herself as well, something I will always support and encourage even if the future is unknown. 

Until Next Time!